To be eligible for Year End Awards with EMApHC and to be nominated to the Appaloosa World Show Exhibitors must show at the EMApHC Jewel of the Big Sky Appaloosa and Open Horse Show.  Exhibitors and Owners of horses must be current members of EMApHC in good standing.


Forms must be filled out and turned into the Point Keeper by Sept. 1st for all shows to be eligible for year end awards.  Appaloosa Breed Show Exhibitors must turn  in show results for shows before Aug. 1st by Aug. 5th and shows up to Sept. 1st by Sept. 5th to be eligible for Regional nominations to the Appaloosa World Show.

Forms may be mailed (make sure if using standard mail that forms are sent so they arrive before deadline) or emailed .

Send completed forms to:

Lesli Glen

3060 Farley Ln.

Billings, MT 59101



EMApHC Open & Breed Show Points Form